Why the Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery?


Judicious use of antimicrobials is an integral part of good clinical practice. It can maximize therapeutic efficacy of treatment, and minimize the risks associated with emerging infections (including Clostridium difficile) and the selection of resistant pathogens. 

In 2016 a multidisciplinary task force from 79 different countries joined a global project  by sharing a document on the rational use of antimicrobials for patients with intra-abdominal infections (IAIs). The project has been termed AGORA (Antimicrobials: A Global Alliance for Optimizing their Rational Use in Intra-Abdominal Infections).

The document aimed to review the consequences of antimicrobial use including the global phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance, and summarize the general principles of antimicrobial therapy in the management of patients with IAIs. It was the intent of AGORA to raise awareness of all healthcare providers and improve prescribing behaviours when treating patients with IAIs worldwide.

Recently the Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery was founded. The Global alliance for Infections in Surgery aims to include all professionals involved in the battle against infections in surgery, including hospital administrators, epidemiologists, healthcare specialists, infectious diseases specialists, microbiologists, pharmacologists, hospital pharmacists, intensivists and surgeons.

The mission of the Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery is to educate health care providers promoting the standards of care in managing infections in surgery worldwide.

Up to now  experts from 87 countries worldwide joined the Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery.

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Massimo Sartelli