It takes one to know one

It doesn’t happen often that you meet leaders with a similar mindset and passion as you poses, yet it seems the paths of likeminded individuals are bound to meet when it does. Founder of PONSIST, Alinda Jansen is on a mission to support surgical specialists around the world and she has a keen interest in aiding the objectives of the Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery.

Created in 2018 PONSIST, Global Surgical Society fills the gap in the online world of surgeons by forming a unique bridge between developing and developed countries as well as between peers in overlapping (sub)specialties around the world. Combining the perks and speed of public social channels, yet tailored to meet the high demands of the surgical world. PONSIST is the worlds first industry independent Healthcare Social Media, it is unsponsored, non commercial and fully autonomous. Up until now there weren’t many digital solutions for surgical specialists to come together and share insights, especially not on a global scale. The landscape was marked by digital solutions either owned or heavily sponsored by the medical industry, leaving them at least somewhat biased. Platforms bringing a higher scientific value are mostly initiated by doctors experiencing the gap in knowledge sharing, but they don’t seem to reach their full potential due to lack of proper development and promotion. It inspired Alinda to come up with positive solution on a global quest for knowledge. The starting platform, exclusively accessible to verified surgical specialists, is rapidly catching interest of surgeons around the globe. Not surprising since it enables them to inspire each other, share experiences and techniques with peers that improve the surgical act and leverage overall healthcare conditions. The Global Surgical Society allows for diversification of information gained by focussing on practical individual knowledge and open discussions taking the whole beyond the limitations of the information shared in journals and during symposia. PONSIST combines the advantages of regular social media with the high demands of surgeons and brings functionalities that are tailored to how a surgeon thinks and operates. Inside the platform has a familiar feel to it. You have a content fed timeline and the option to appreciate the work of peers with a wax seal for professional courtesy. In addition this platform comes with an extra timeline called Affiliations. It’s intended to set up easy cross border collaborations. Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery leadership recognises the passion and drive of this founder. After all, it takes one to know one. We are exploring ways to further collaborate and create a bigger impact as partners.

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