The pandemic is not over and is still spreading around the world

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To now, 213 Countries and Territories around the world have reported a total of 9,210,002 confirmed cases of the coronavirus Covid-19 that originated from Wuhan, China, and a death toll of 474,799 deaths. While some countries are starting to see confirmed cases and deaths fall following strict lockdown restrictions, others are still seeing figures rise. A sharp increase in cases in Latin America in the second half of May led the WHO to say the Americas were the new centre of the pandemic. But there have also been new spikes in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and in Europe. Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador are among the Latin America countries that have seen widespread outbreaks. Brazil has become the second country in the world, after the US, to confirm more than one million cases of Covid-19 and the death toll in the country is now over 50,000. The total number of confirmed cases in India is now more than 425,000 – the fourth highest in the world after the US, Brazil and Russia – and the official number of deaths has passed 13,000. The true number of cases and deaths in the country is thought to be much higher, owing to insufficient testing and reporting issues. Neighbouring Pakistan has also seen its number of infections and deaths rise in recent weeks and the healthcare systems in both countries are under strain. In Iran, there are fears of a second wave of infections. The number of daily deaths has risen to around 100 per day for the first time in two months. China is also dealing with dozens of new cases believed to be connected to a Beijing wholesale market, and has imposed lockdown measures on several neighbourhoods. Chinese officials say the virus currently being detected in Beijing is a “European strain”. South Africa and Egypt have seen the largest outbreaks so far in Africa. But testing rates are reported to be extremely low in some parts of the continent so this could be distorting understanding of how far the virus has spread. In Europe, the UK, Italy, Spain and France, along with others, now appear to have passed the peak, with the number of new confirmed cases and deaths falling. Germany is facing its largest outbreak of the coronavirus since lifting lockdown after hundreds of staff at its biggest slaughterhouse tested positive.

The pandemic is not over and is still spreading around the world.

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