WARNING in Surgery

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Antibiotic resistance (ABR) is one of the greatest threats to public health, sustainable development, and security worldwide. Its prevalence has increased alarmingly over the past decades. New mechanisms of resistance continue to emerge and spread globally, threatening our ability to manage common infections. Antibiotic resistance is a natural phenomenon that occurs as microbes evolve. However, human activities have accelerated the pace at which bacteria develop and disseminate resistance. Antibacterial use in animal and agricultural industries aggravates selective pressure on microbes. Therefore a “One Health” approach is required urgently.

Despite the complexity of the problem, healthcare workers play a central role in preventing the emergence and spread of resistance. An effective and cost-effective strategy to reduce ABR should involve a multi-faceted approach aimed at optimizing treatment and strengthening infection prevention and control. Raising awareness of ABR by education and dissemination of information to stakeholders is an important factor in changing behaviors.
Although most healthcare workers are aware of the problem of antibiotic resistance, most underestimate this problem in their own hospitals worldwide.

Healthcare workers can help to tackle ABR in four different ways:
•          Enhancing infection prevention and control
•          Prescribing and dispensing antibiotics when they are truly needed
•          Prescribing and dispensing appropriately antibiotics
•          Controlling the source of infection when it is needed

The necessity of improving awareness of the need for preventing healthcare-associated infections and optimizing antibiotics use, both for prophylaxis and therapy, has become increasingly urgent.
The battle against ABR should be fought by all health care professionals.
The Global Alliance for Infections in Surgery and the World Society of Emergency Surgery promote a campaign to remind everyone the importance of infection prevention, control and management across the surgical pathway.

This campaign aims to join anyone is interested in combating ABR in the world.

The campaign has been  named:

World Antibiotic Resistance Nationally Internationally Networking Globally in Surgery (WARNING in Surgery).