Appropriate use of antibiotics and compliance with infection prevention and control measures should be integral to good clinical practice and standards of care. However both infection prevention and control measures and appropriate antibiotic prescribing practice across the surgical pathway are often inadequate and a great gap exists between the best evidence and clinical practice.

In hospitals, cultural, contextual, and behavioral determinants influence clinical practice. Improving behavior in infection prevention and control and antibiotics prescribing practices remains a challenge. Despite evidence supporting the effectiveness of best practice, many surgeons fail to implement them.

On 11 December, we call on surgeons from across the world to take action and raise awareness to prevent and manage appropriately infections across the surgical pathway.


WARNING program

WARNING in Surgery – preliminary program

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The webinar meeting will be free and will be accessible to all in all parts of the world. We will publish the links to access the free platform as soon as possible.

The web meeting will highlight the threat posed by antimicrobial resistance and the need for appropriate prevention and management of infections in all hospitals worldwide with particular reference to infections in surgery. It is our intent to raise awareness amongst healthcare workers and to improve prevention and management of infections in surgery worldwide.