Benedetta Allegranzi (WHO)

Luca Ansaloni (Italy)

Shamshul Ansari (Nepal)

Oussema Baraket (Tunisia)

Stefano Bartoli (Italy)

Fausto Catena (Italy)

Marco Ceresoli (Italy)

Alain Chichom Mefire (Cameroon)

Federico Coccolini (Italy)

Francesco Cortese (Italy)

Belinda De Simone (Italy)

Sameer Dhingra (Trinidad and Tobago)

Therese Duane (USA)

Juan P. Escalera  Antezana (Bolivia)

Debbie Goff (USA)

Adrien Hodonou (Benin)

Katia Iskandar (Lebanon)

Arda Isik (Turkey)

Adam Linder (Sweden)

Andrey Litvin (Russia)

Geetanjali Kapoor (India)

Andrew Kirkpatrick (Canada)

Vladimir Kokha (Belarus)

Sanjay Marwah (India)

Karen Flores-Moreno (Mexico)

Leonardo Pagani (Italy)

Nicola Petrosillo (Italy)

Tadeja Pintar (Slovenia)

Suman Raj Baral (Nepal)

Kemal Rasa (Turkey)

Melina Raso (Belgium)

Julival Ribeiro (Brazil)

Ibrahima Sall (Senegal)

Massimo Sartelli (Italy)

Robert Sawyer (USA)

Gabiele Sganga (Italy)

Joseph Solomkin (USA)

Giulio Toccafondi (Italy)

Cristian Tranà (Italy)




All participants will be able to follow the interactive on-distance meeting via a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, and see and hear the speaker(s) thanks to audio and video feeds. No apps are needed. Leveraging on the main functionalities of the platform the participants will be able to interact in real time for all the duration of the event (i.e. sending comments, answering questions, other…) The meeting is free of charge and completely online. All participants will receive the certificate of attendance. To register in the free web meeting you should access to http://www.infectionsinsurgery.org and fill in the registration form (from 15 september 2019). You will receive an e-mail invitation with instructions.

It is our intent to raise awareness amongst healthcare workers and to improve prevention and management of infections in surgery worldwide.